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Archaeological Dig


Educate. Innovate. Accelerate. 

Paleocoin - created to power the new age of innovation in paleontology.


Paleontology is the study of the history of life on Earth as based on fossils. It is important because scientists can learn about ancient life millions of years ago and this helps us to make sense of the world we live in today. 


The XRP Ledger (XRPL) is a scalable, decentralized public blockchain that is fast, energy efficient, reliable and costs of publishing transactions to the blockchain are inexpensive compared to other crypto chains. 

Ecosystem Powered by Paleocoin



Creating a unique line of Fossil NFTs that is a 3D replica of actual fossils from collectors that is verified by Paleocoin, under consultation of a professional Paleontologist.


NFT Marketplace

An NFT Marketplace that focuses on trading of Fossil NFTs - Users can create, mint and trade their own 3D Fossil NFTs on the platform.


The App

The App will have features and utilities catered towards fossil hunting, fossil identification via AI, as well as creating a fossil database efficient knowledge sharing.

How to buy


1.Setup XUMM wallet on your mobile phone

2.Send XRP to your XUMM wallet

3.Set TrustLine to Paleocoin

4.Visit Sologenic DEX

5. Connect XUMM wallet 



All outstanding developer tokens have been burned. Paleocoin is 100% community owned.



Phase 1 - Launch (Completed)

  • Launch to XRPL network via Sologenic DEX

  • Verified account on XRP Scan and Bithomp

  • KYC verification on XUMM

  • Complete Whitepaper

  • Website revamp

Phase 3 - Expansion

  • Strategic partnerships

  • CEX listing - Bitrue

  • Apply for Ripple XRPL Grants Program

  • Expand core team

Phase 2 - Growth

  • Community building

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Influencer marketing

  • 100% token burn of outstanding tokens

  • Coingecko and CMC listing

Phase 4 - Utility

  • Produce first collection of Paleocoin Fossil NFT

  • NFT gallery and marketplace

  • Paleontology App development using technology such as AI, Machine Learning, Geolocation tracking


The Paleocoin Foundation

Although Paleocoin is not a charity token, we do believe in doing good and giving back to society and the Paleontological community. Therefore, “The Paleocoin Foundation” is established to disburse scholarships and research grants to students and researchers that we think will make great contributions to the scientific advancement of Paleontology. Thorough vetting and rigorous application process will be in place to make sure that the scholarships and grants are given out responsibly. 

Founding Team

Joel profile-pic.png

Joel Francis Serena,
CEO & Lead Developer

An accidental fossil discovery sparked the love of Paleontology in Joel since he was a kid. He continued to nurture this love for close to two decades and aspires to continue his career as a paleontologist in the future. Prior to Paleocoin, Joel was also part of the dev team on a XRPL project that is now listed on Bitrue.

Matt profile-pic.png

Matthew Lim,

With more than a decade in marketing experience, coupled with his burning passion for crypto, Matthew is committed to driving Paleocoin to new heights and fostering a bustling community around the project.

Alyssa profile-pic.png

Alyssa Kristine,
Head of The Paleocoin Foundation

Currently a high school science teacher, Alyssa is strongly motivated about shaping the future of science education and will be in charge of the full end-to-end process of handling the scholarships and research grants for The Paleocoin Foundation.

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